Go Web Technologies provides real time video streaming for the qualitative market research activity which can be viewed from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. This enables the client to manage and monitor audio, video and multimedia research content over the internet. In case the client wants to add value to the live research program it can be done at real time and data gathered accordingly.
We enable our clients to Live video stream their qualitative market research such as focus group, central location testing, dyads and triads over the internet. They deliver audio and video recordings of the highest quality and reliability and yet being very cost effective. Even ESOMAR is also using live streaming as a key marketing tool.

How we are Different? – Live streaming of research need not be with fixed studios….
Key Features:
o Client can access the video stream from remote locations
o Focus Group, Individual interviews from any locations.
o Extremely well priced
o No Fixed studios required (venue choice is yours + cost drops too)
o Very good quality of Audio and Video
o Multiple cameras could be used
o Camera Focus on each respondent which can capture every expression (be it words or a smile)
o Transcripts available beside the videos on library – in 2 formats, as a Side bar and as Subtitles
o Multiple access of video stream enabled
o Secured password to access the video stream
o Post project completion, all files are archived in the library and are available for 24X7 viewing for a year
o Live chats with the moderator is enabled throughout the project
o Can force content out of the moderator’s computer to the client’s which promotes transparency
o Record and archive projects immediately
o Dedicated technicians for Tech Support

We understand the importance of privacy and precision in research industry. The webcast of the event will be done strictly under supervision and access to such webcast will be give to the authorized persons only. Also we can provide our services under the umbrella of your company, just like your own service to your clients.



HOME/OFFICE TM – Now view live ethnographies, face to face interviews, dyads, triads from respondent’s home or office.

ON WHEELS TM – also has pre-set Vans which has a complete set-up to conduct IDIS, Dyads and Triads from the vehicle.

To know more on our research webcasts feel free to contact us.
Webcasting Market Research by : Shyam P Gupta