Live webcasting services : Enhanced live Streaming Technology !

Our Live webcasting services opens door for innovative, cost effective and more effecive ways to reach your target audience across the globe !

Beautifully Simplistic

If you want a simple or advanced webcast, our Live webcasting services is for you. It’s built for everyone, and can be as simple or advanced as you want.

Multiple Layout Options

GWT webcast includes so many different options and designs for webcast pages. We make amazingly cool layouts with all the additional tools we provide.

Quick Support & Help

We truly care about our users and our end product. Your webcast viewers, and you will get  incredible support & assistance everytime.

Many reasons why you’ll choose our Live webcasting services !

Our Live webcasting services offers many new features! New layoutsinteractive optionsstreaming options and more.
  • Professional encoding and broadcasting setup.
  • Professional camera shoot with exceptional Audio/video clarity.
  • Live chat support by our support team for online assistance to the viewers for watching the uninterrupted webcast.
  • Multiple layout options with Update Panel- For updating live happenings at the event/webcast.
  • Various complimentary services without any additional costs.

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Go Web Live Webcast: Let your message reach the right audience instantly!

Our Live webcasting services  enables you to reach wider audience at reduced cost. Connect with your audience conveniently with Rich Content  & wider broadcasting range!!

How is our Live webcasting services helpful? We’ll Tell You!

Live Webcasting ServicesLive webcasting services is being employed by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. For employees or customers spread geographically, our live webcast/streaming events allows you to cost-effectively reach wider audiences with your message intently. There are several benefits that can be achieve by using this remarkable technology. At Go Web Technologies we provide engagement and interactivity tools that will additionally engage your audience prior, during, and after your event.

Live webcasting services for Internal Communications

Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly global and virtual, the need cost-effective communication requires solutions that provide accessible engagement. Delivered on our trustworthy technological platform, our interactive webcast solutions can help you reduce communication and travel costs—all that while connecting your teams to employees in a more personal way.

Application of webcast in Internal Communications:-

  • CEO message to company employees.
  • Webcast AGMs to reach more intended audience.
  • Corporate events/meetings/press conferences live webcast.
  • HRD communication & training’s.
  • Multi-location training and online tutorials.
  • Webcast of customer learning program.
Webcast for Marketing
Webcasts and webinars empower  your sales team with more confidence to confidently sell your product/services.  An interactive webcast also allow you to educate your investors. Webcast of conferences, enables you to increase interactivity and improve brand awareness. Marketing events live webcast attracts more people to attend your event virtually. It is a cost effective way to attract more customers by adding live webcast to your marketing activities.

Application of webcast in Marketing:-

  • Product Launch event webcast.
  • Interactive Dealers meet.
  • Increase access of Information to Internal and external customers.
  • Tradeshows and vendor presentations.
  • Headquarter briefings to marketing staff.
  • Share your investment strategy and performance results with engaging multimedia content.
  • Keep your investors and advisers updated on new investment products and services.
  • Make a distinction of your offerings in a competitive marketplace through education and thought live leadership program.
Webcast for Education
WEbcast is a new istructional technology used to deliver audio and video presentations via the internet, enabling learners to participate in a live class via a personal computer. The webcast is a interactive medium for teachers and students to use in education. Integrating Webcasting technology into the education system allows visiual and audio communications that is interactive, engaging, flexible, scalable and robust. Accessible in  real time and via archives making it useful for communications, information, sharing knowledge building and learning.

Application of webcast in Education:-

  • Webcast of lectures.
  • Webcast of Seminars & Functions  to reach  alumni & parents.
  • Distance Education.
  • Webcast of graduation ceremonies.
  • Important announcements.
Webcast for Healthcare

Webcast helps to deliver practical, informative, and engaging live events enables people to tune in to health  experts as they offer tips, insights, and real-life examples that will help you meet the many challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment. A webcast can help increase operational efficiencies and increasing revenues that can aide pharmaceutical companies in key business areas.

Application of webcast in Healthcare:-

  • Video-based CME (Contineous Medical Education)
  • MR Product Training.
  • Disease awareness, management and treatment webcasts.
  • Doctors Symposiums.
  • Live Surgeries webcast.

Our Live webcasting services highlights

  • Customized branding and design to strengthen your corporate campaign.
  • Control panel providing a single interface for keeping all presenters on track, monitor audience attendance, viewing poll results and moderate inbound questions.
  • Interactivity to congregate audience feedback using real-time Q&A, polling and exit surveys.
  • Audience analytics so you can comprehend user activities like (how long participants watched, who asked a question, etc.).
  • Security features to control right to use/view your content.
  • Mobile access on iOS- and Android-powered smartphones and tablets, including iPads.
  • Registration pass-through and single sign-on features to streamline access to your content.



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