Go Web Video Channel Players : Add multimedia content to your website !

Our Web Video Channel Player adds you tube like features to your website and blogs !

Multimedia PortalsChannel players can feature multimedia on your website. This allows you to customize playlists and embed your multimedia content like webcasts, webinars and other video clips in your website.

You can embed your custom player into any of your websites. The player features high quality video streams, with an optional registration and password protection if required. Also you can add social sharing to extend the reach of your content. This allows viewers to find the content they need anytime, from anywhere easily. Moreover you can manage all your audio and video content easily via online library hosted on our secure network servers.

A channel player featuring a playlist content which a viewer is searching enables your viewers to explore multiple items at a time and increases their time on your website

It keep attracting more users on your site and you can customize the content they see. Say goodbye to what a third-party like YouTube chooses to appear alongside your videos and keeping your website visitors to jump off your site.

Benefits of Channel Player !

Web Channel Players offers following benefits:

  • Benefits of a Channel Player.
  • Easy publishing to web.
  • Create smart playlist.
  • Increase web audience engagement.
  • Full control over the content.

Checkout our Channel Player !

Multimedia Portals

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