Go Web Multimedia Portals : Business/Education web video portals !

Our Web Multimedia Portals Setup one window to present all your  business/Educational/Informational Videos !

Multimedia PortalsWeb Multimedia Portals give your audience single-sign on access to your webcasts, webinars and video series, and create a dynamic online experience with a custom branded portal. You portals for a number of applications, including thought leadership, conference events and product launches. A multimedia portal is your own “Youtube” video sharing platform that create your custom web portal where we embed the video for on-demand viewing. Our services have options for private sharing and other publication options. We offer Enterprise video hosting that are aimed at businesses wanting to share video content internally with employees or externally with customers, partners, or prospects. Features may include limiting access to authenticated users, tracking of user actions, integration with single sign-on services and a lack of the advertisements normally present on public sites.

A multimedia portal can also be used in education & training. Educational webcasts have enhanced the value of training procedures in institutions and business organizations. You can have your own video streaming channel in which you can upload, categorize, update your videos related to training, announcements, corporate or institutional events anytime.

This is a fully managed service where you need not to worry about anything. Hiring an in-house hosting and IT staff to maintain all this is prohibitively expensive, so outsourcing these infrastructure needs to a third-party can be a very cost-effective option.Go Web Technologies take control of your hosting & video management.

Service highlights !

Multimedia Portals

Web Multimedia portals in following services under this Video Sharing Platform:


  • Video Hosting
  • Hosting the Video sharing platform.
  • Videos back-up, maintenance, and recovery
  • Bandwidth measurement and scaling.
  • Providing Server support, hardware and software