On demand streaming means video or audio streams that have been pre- recorded and are available for visitors to view as per their leisure. Also when your viewers missed the live webcast the same has been available for them to watch becomes on demand video streaming. Our on demand streaming solutions also allows you to stream archived media content that can be fetched by viewers anytime. Our hosting includes 4 design options for video play. Each one has been carefully designed and includes different video playing options

Integrated lightbox

Quickly and easily give your audience another great way to view your videos with SublimeVideo’s integrated lightbox. The new lightbox works great over a liquid layout and a responsive design. You can also use it to display images to offer a more consistent UI. We’ve put a lot of care into making sure each and every elements looks great on any screen size!

Responsive Playlist

Playlists increase watch-time, by showing all the videos in one playlist window. You can create playlists using your own videos, other videos, or a combination of both.Our Video Player is a highly customizable player supports playlists and offers a seamless video integration. We create a video playlist with the capability to browse through multiple videos in the same player. It helps you to group a set of videos that you want viewers to enjoy in a single session or in a particular order.

On Window Player

On page video player is one of the most widely used option for playing videos on your website. We’ve designed vdieo code to be highly compatible with your site’s existing code, CSS in particular, which means that you don’t need to recode a thing to insert our Player in any of your pages.

Features and Customizations

  • Easy to embed on your current website./li>
  • Play video on any browser or device.
  • No bandwidth restrictions.
  • Multiple designs and features.
  • Highly compatible with any web page.
  • No need to buy separate hosting.