Webcast Studio Setup: Produce your own webcast !

Our Webcast Studio Setup  helps you own and maintain a personal  webcast studio !

 Webcast StudioWebcast Studio setup delivers the most engaging webcast platform, boasting advanced customization options, better platform stability and support, integrated content management features and a more comprehensive user interface.Our user-proven platform features unparalleled streaming video, animated presentation content and live interactive chat and Q&A, making it the virtual platform of choice for many companies, major medical and pharmaceutical organizations, education agencies and professional associations across India.We provide a full service assistance in creating entire setups for organizations that intend to use web casting – from providing the technical consultancy, training and sourcing the equipment.We also provide you with complete tech support to setup up your video delivery platform, either custom-built or packaged.

Our Webcast Studio setup pair our user-proven streaming software with our expert event service specialists to create the ultimate presentation to meet your needs. Whether an internal training seminar or a global press conference, we build studio to teach, train or entertain your audience every time.

You do not need to be a technical wizard or computer genius in order to begin broadcasting your performances online. Our technical support staff is available to assist you in the installation and smooth operation of your webcast studio hardware & software. Right from installation of hardware to streaming of video our team will assist you in make your webcast setup functional anytime any day.

How to have a personal webcast studio ? We’ll Tell You !

Webcast Studio

offers includes leasing, rental and purchase programs for webcast studio setup hardware with easy on pocket budget for enabling you to deliver the webcast content directly from your premises anytime. We believe that we should be flexible in our approach to all aspects of our relationship with our customers; one of the key areas is how to pay for the preferred solution. We provide payment options to suit all sizes of companies that offer our clients the choice to select which option suits their situation. Whichever payment option you select you will get our full technology solution, which is in line with our company philosophy that we want all companies to have access to our technical solutions irrespective of their size and their wealth.

Flexi Rental Solution

This solution is ideal for smaller companies or those that wish to eliminate the risk and commitment associated with the previous options.

Flexi Rental Solutions:-

  • No fixed term contract – This is offered because we are confident you will see benefits to your business through using oue services, however if you wished to stop just stop and that is the end of it! There is no exit fee. All of which eliminates risk to your business.
  • No large capital outlay (CAPEX) – You retain working capital in your business for investment in other areas.
  • Rental payments are made from revenue – In many countries rental payments can be offset against corporation tax, which is highly tax efficient and further reduces the effective cost of using Qualoupe.
  • Software upgrades included – Reduces ongoing costs and and keeps system up to date.
  • Very fast ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Managed Cash Flow – Rental offers a known outgoing allowing cash flow to be predictable and therefore more manageable.
Outright Purchase

This is the traditional option, where a company can purchase webcast studio setup hardware / software for a fixed price. The only ongoing cost is for annual support/software licence cost.

Leased Purchase
This in principle is similar to outright purchase but instead of one payment an agreement is taken out with a leasing company where monthly payments are made over a agreed term and at the end of the term a perpetual licence is granted to allow the company to continue using the hardware/software. The annual support for the term is usually built into the lease cost and as such at the end of the term the ongoing cost will be for annual support.

Use your own equipments
If you have an existing hardware required for the live streaming. We can use those as well, we will provide a solution where we can well adjust your existing hardware to setup a webcast studio. This is the most cost effective solution where in you need to buy only those equipment which are required other than you have already.

Types of Webcast Setup !

OVERVIEW:- A basic webcast setup includes very basic hardware required for live streaming. It includes a laptop, USB webcam, Headphones/Mic.


SUITABLE FOR: Webcast of one presenter/speaker event in a closed room. For eg: CEO message to employees, HR training, Board meeting, Web Conferencing,online training etc.

PROS: This setup can be used in case of web presentations and web conferences in a quite closed room. Stretching its capabilities we can use this setup in web casting a board meeting with more than one peoples present by attaching a Digital Camera as a video capture source as webcam has limitation of fixed view. Single person can operate.

CONS: This setup can not be put into use for out of the room event streaming. Moreover in this setup you don’t have much control over the audio as there is no audio mixer attached.

studio setup basic

OVERVIEW:- Premium webcast setup is a setup ahead of the Basic webcast setup and includes added hardware for Audio/Video. In this case equipment’s like vocal/collar mics, basic audio mixers, Digital Camera, high quality Laptop/Desktop with graphic card,video mixer necessary cables and connectors, etc are added.

SUITABLE FOR: Webcast of an event from an auditorium/indoor events. For eg: Prize distribution ceremony, town hall events,board meeting, online training etc.

PROS: Easy to operate and carry. Max 2 persons required to handle such setup during live event. Suitable for indoor event streaming. Cost effective setup with quality webcast. Can use multiple camera for streaming.

CONS: This setup can not be put into use for outdoor event streaming. Such setup are not recommended for professional web-casting or for webcast of big corporate events.

studio setup premium

OVERVIEW:- Professional webcast setup is just like a live TV setup. This setup have specifically designed rooms. The streaming setup is kept in a separate room with a soundproof  glass in between both the rooms. This is a special purpose setup for specific events webcast.

SUITABLE FOR: Professional live studio setup is suitable for a indoor live studio made for a specific purpose. It can be a inhouse setup for corporate s doing regular webcast.

PROS: One time investment for saving recurring cost. Professional HD live streaming. Multiple camera can be setup.

CONS: This setup can not be put into use for outdoor event streaming.

Professional webcast studio

OVERVIEW:- This kind of setup is generally a setup specifically made for field events. This included research, live news over web, live outdoor sports streaming, live streaming of outdoor marketing events.


SUITABLE FOR: Live streaming where we need to stream live happenings of an outdoor event.For eg live streaming of a outdoor wedding, etc.

PROS: Its very compact and easy to carry. Even we can live stream from a moving car. This setup is custom made according to the needs of the client. Nature of the events and streaming locations.

CONS: The webcast from this setup is dependent on 3G/4G connectivity in the area. No network no webcast.

outdoor live webcast kitoutdoor webcast setup