Organizing a special event?

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Why not webcast it! As live webcast with us is now Easier and More Affordable!

Imagine… giving anyone, anywhere in the world, the gift of being able to watch and participate in your special event – as it happens – live on the Internet!
Regardless of whether you’re organizing a corporate event for employees across the province – or a training for employees spread across the globe on the other side of the world – webcasting gives you the power to allow anyone, anywhere, to be there and join in…
as and when it happens.
With years of experience and multiple live webcasts to our credit, Go Web Technologies team is 1 leading provider of live event webcasting services in India.
Our highly experienced team of webcasting and video production professionals will take care of all the details for you, so that you can focus on the experience you deliver to your audience, and not worry about the webcast itself.
We provide the cameras, the personnel, the equipment, the technical infrastructure and the expertise to live stream your event on the web and to record, archive and preserve it for on-demand viewing after it’s over.
We also provide you with a custom designed web page to host your webcast, or the code to embed the webcast on your own website.
One phone call is all it takes to arrange for a free consultation and cost-estimate for your event webcast.
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