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Introducing “The BoardMeet” Video Conferencing

“Be a part of our web based video conferencing technology, we combine the simplicity and convenience of the Internet , all just a click away without having to leave the office. Our Virtual Conference can be conducted anytime and from anywhere at convenient times.”


“Each Virtual Conference room, connects your multiple business office locations and any person can join your meeting virtually from anyplace across the globe.”

Interactive Design, Live chat in-between participants, Live Screen Sharing, PPT presentation via screen share.


Location independent: Take part from anywhere in the world, and it’s all just a click away

Part of your working day: Easy to schedule as another meeting in your busy calendar.

Problems Solved:Find actionable solutions quickly, to take back to your business.


Video Conference :Platform will support up to 7 user’s video conference. Users can invite other participants by sending the link or via email. Users can invite other participants by sending the link or via email.
Interactive Chat : Users can chat with the participants using the public chat option available in the platform.
Controls: Custom branded Conference system has basic controls for Video On/Off, Mic mute/unmute. Settings Icon for changing the camera and video settings.
Screen Share: Users will have the provision for share the screen. User need to install the browser plugin for that. While doing screen share, video will be hidden and will give prioritise to audio.
Claim room: Users can claim the room, for claiming the room, they need to enter a 4 digit pin password. Once a room is claimed, no users can claim that specific room and room will be locked. So whenever user comes to the link, it will ask whether the user is owner or guest. If owner, ask for pin password and if guest, it […]



3rd INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CONFERENCE 2015, PUNE. India looks at the Gulf as part of its ‘extended neighbourhood’ with only the Arabian Sea separating the two. This neighbourhood is a part of a larger region which stretches from the Gulf of Aden in the west to the Strait of Malacca in the east. In recognition of the strategic importance of the countries of the Gulf combined with the economic interdependence, the relationship in the field of energy, and the diaspora are only some of the strategic factors that has lead Indian governments in the past and in the present to engage, cooperate and maintain close relations with this region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on not just ‘looking east’ but also ‘linking west’ indeed sets the direction to the shaping of a clear ‘link west policy’.
WATCH LIVE : http://irconference.webcast.ooo/

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