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How to stop your viewers dropping off during breaks in live webcast & attract more viewers for your live webcast 

Often we had seen that during the breaks in the live webcast the viewers loose interests and drops out. It is inevitable. There might be many reasons for the breaks, it can be planned or due to some unavoidable circumstances. Eg. Due to bad weather the event needed to start late or it can be a preplanned like a break during the different sessions of the conferences etc.

We follow on basic thumb rule “DON’T LOSE YOUR AUDIENCE”. Keeping the audience engages is the best way to retain your viewers and make the breaks in the live event something to look forward to.

  • Pre event content: Streaming some content before your primary show allows you to capture early viewers and build an audience before your event begins.
  • Keep the viewers entertained: Keep some content rolling during the breaks. Be it a static image with information about upcoming session, music or a video teaser. Don’t let your webcast screen go blank or show boring colour bars at any pint of the time. Keep your content handy overtime. Be it a short session break of long lunch break, keep your viewers stick to your webcast all the time.
  • Well informed audience: There should be programme schedule available to the viewers so that viewers can have the detailed information on the whole or the part of the event they want to see.
  • Live Interactivity: Live chat options must be there for the viewers who need some additional information or experiencing difficulty in watching the webcast.
  • Live News Update: Sometimes events come up such that it is not in the schedule. So live news panel keeps them well informed about the current happenings at the event.
  • Social Interactivity: Now a days audience interaction through social media, it has the added to your viewer’s activities to all of their friends. Each comment/ like/share adds up to your reach to the wider audience.  Thus, through interaction via social media, your viewers are advertising your production and growing your audience.